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Greens extend lead to 11%

The University of Birmingham from its West Gate entrance
The University of Birmingham from its West Gate entrance • Photograph: James Phillips

In the second of our polls, The Green Party once again triumphed, and the Conservatives gained 1%. Meanwhile, all other parties suffered losses.

Our first poll had a higher turnout than this one, with 200 votes and 78 votes respectively. This can perhaps explain such a high difference between the two polls. Additionally, the poll had to be restarted after it appeared that a swathe of non-UoB students had found the poll and hijacked it in order to put one party quite far in the lead. This also means that the poll was open for a shorter amount of time.

Nevertheless, the Green Party extended their two point lead to eleven points, and now have 39% of the results. In second place, moving from third position last week, were the Conservatives on 29% with a 1% increase. Labour slipped down the poll ever so slightly, scoring 25% and resulting in a 4% drop.

The biggest losers were the Liberal Democrats at 0% who failed to secure any votes in this week’s poll. UKIP fared little better, moving down to 1%, but still leading over the Lib Dems.

Other party support is now at 3%, and is at the same level of those who do not know who they will vote for or will not vote.

Again, we’d like to stress that this is not an accurate indication of student opinion at the University, but gives an insight into what students are thinking in the run-up to the poll.

Please remember to vote in this week’s poll below, or on the main page of our General Election Hub!

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