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Caledonian Road lights up for Christmas

Christmas spirit spreads through the community as lights draped past Cally Bridge for the first time

The lights were turned on during a day of special Christmas activities
The lights were turned on during a day of special Christmas activities • Photograph: Fionn Hargreaves

The annual switch-on of Caledonian Road’s Christmas lights could be considered by many as nothing more than tradition.

But this year, residents had something to get excited about as the lights were extended past the Cally Bridge for the first time, while local merchants got into the festivities by providing a range of children’s activities for the day.

We were looking at ways we can help out in the community

Thanks to the generosity of home developer London Square, which sponsored the event, more of Caledonian Road will be able to show off its Christmas spirit.

A spokesperson for the company told Islington Now: “We were looking at ways we can help out in the community and Team Cally suggested that we helped out with this Christmas market. We were more than happy to do so.”

As well as sponsoring the event, London Square organised a tombola and promised to donate proceeds to Market Road’s Lumpy Hill adventure playground and the Hayward Adventure playground.

The company is hoping that its support will leave a positive impression on the area, where it is hoping to redevelop an industrial estate into over 250 homes, retail units and offices. The new homes would be built on the site of the Knowledge Point Cab Driver School, which announced last month that it would be closing down at the end of the year.

Caledonian Road's Christmas market

The Christmas lights were switched on by Councillor Paul Convery. Photograph: Fionn Hargreaves

Despite the cold weather, the weekly Cally Market was bigger and better than ever as local merchants flocked to the street to deliver the special Christmas event.

Potter Linda Land told Islington Now that she had decided to join the market to sell her home-made crockery as she recovered from a serious illness.

It’s a really nice stall community

“I started making pottery after I had been unwell with pneumonia,” she said. “As part of my recovery, my doctor recommended that I did something creative. There was a local pottery class close beside the hospital, so I decided to give it a go.”

“I’ve been trading at the market since it started,” she added. “It’s been growing slowly and it’s a really nice stall community. I did it [the Christmas market] last year but it is much bigger and better now.”

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